Liteweight 2000 Certifications

Liteweight 2000 commenced operations, within the construction industry,  in September of the year 1997. With now over 19 years of working history, Liteweight 2000 has been the industry market leader, within the specialised field of lightweight EPS exterior insulative cladding systems.


Liteweight 2000 in association with NRG was the 1st EPS company in pioneering the attainment of the Australasian quality control certification standard  'CODEMARK'..... ensuring 'Best Trade Practice' policies and peace of mind that NRG Greenboard complies with the Building Code of Australia. Together with the recent certification attainment of “BUSHFIRE ATTACK LEVEL 29” (BAL29), Liteweight 2000 is the leader in quality assurance and innovation.
Liteweight 2000  Architectural Sunhoods/Blades lead by innovation, by meeting Building Designers/Certifiers/Developers/Builders and Architects, design criteria. With 6 Star energy compliance now the construction industry benchmark, NRG is the Green- smart selection choice of building professionals.


Certificate Registration of a Company

Liteweight 2000  Registration No.: BN20413683


Liteweight 2000 / NRG Greenboard™ Trademark

Certificate regisration of Trademark Trademarks Act 1995 No.: 882450

The Schedule: Greenboard Colour Mark: Green


Liteweight 2000 / NRG Certificate Registration of a Design

Design Act 1906 No.: 158264 Application No.: 4603/2003
Statement of Monopoly: Monopoly is claimed in the shape and/or configuration of a rendering board for indefinite length as per illustrated details


NRG Greenboard™ CodeMark

Insulated wall cladding Certification no.: GM-10-CM30005
Date issued: 13/05/2010


NRG Greenboard™ BAL29

Bush fire attack level 29 Certification Australia standard as 1530-8-1-2007