Why CodeMark

Why CodeMark™?

Impressive benefits for everyone:

  • Confidence - legislated product acceptance by building control authorities* (product opinions, appraisals etc. do not have the legislated acceptance);
  • Confidence - managing legal liability;
  • Confidence - national operation across Australia, therefore increasing market potential and improving efficiency;
  • Confidence - for designers, architects, builders, building control authorities, consumers and others who specify use, approve or invest in CodeMark™ certified products;
  • Confidence - underpinning the performance-based BCA through facilitating the use of new and innovative products; and
  • Confidence - listing current CodeMark™ certified products and accredited CodeMark™ certification bodies in Australia at the ABCB website.

NRG - CodeMark™ Accreditation Advantages

  • Offering increased credibility and acceptance, boosting consumer confidence in, NRG & Distributor network as well as ‘Accredited Installers’.
  • Assurance, that the NRG Greenboard™ system meets stringent national standards, encompassed by CodeMark™ Accreditation.
  • Quality Assurance in the manufacturing process of NRG Greenboard™, through constant product testing, reporting procedures etc.
  • Quality Assurance - NRG Greenboard™ profile cutting procedure, recording and documentation to the point of distribution by NRG.
  • Accreditation of installers, rendering and painting of the NRG Greenboard™ system through the introduction of ‘new structured’ training courses and information material, as this will, ‘underpin’ the ‘CodeMark™’ Accreditation (essential).
  • Builders and Owner Builders, NRG Greenboard™ will also develop a ‘new structured’ training courses and information material and as well for this large market segment.
  • CodeMark™ Accreditation is a ‘holistic’ approach to this marketing strategy and encompasses all of the above. Without the authorised and accredited structure proposed, CodeMark™ accreditation would not be given, therefore it is essential that this fact is made known when promoting and marketing the NRG Greenboard™ system.