Changes to the BCA

Why Do Building Product Suppliers Need Codemark?

  • All building products must comply with the BCA (Building Code of Australia).
  • The first path to BCA compliance is via a relevant “deemed-to-satisfy” Acceptance Construction Practise or Acceptable Construction Manual, typically an Australian Standard.
  • If a DTS solution is not available, a second path to BCA compliance is via an “alternative solution”. This may be an “engineer designed” solution for each project, or may be via CodeMark.
  • Each state has regulations, ensuring that a CodeMark building solution cannot be rejected. For their own protection, local authorities are now insisting on either strict compliance with a relevant Australian Standard, or on CodeMark Certification.
  • The two principal requirements of CodeMark third- party Certification are:
    - The manufacturer must have a properly functioning Management System (similar to ISO 9001), capable of delivering consistent product to predetermine specifications.
    - The nominated products must satisfy the nominated BCA clauses.

NRG Greenboard™ Codemark Certification

As you may be aware new guidelines regarding expanded polystyrene cladding has been introduced by the ABCB. This proposed document advises building certifiers, designers, builders, home insurers etc. that building products must comply with the BCA.

NRG Building Systems has achieved CodeMark on the NRG Greenboard™ insulated wall cladding. This CodeMark Certification gives users the confidence that NRG Greenboard™ complies with the BCA.

For more information on NRG Greenboard™ and CodeMark please contact your local NRG Distributor or NRG Head Office.

Six Star Energy Efficiency

As Australia introduces six star Energy Efficiency requirements into the BCA there will be increased R-Values of insulation to walls. One way to achieve a high R-Value to external walls will be by installing Greenboard™ insulated wall cladding panels.

Greenboard™ combines external cladding with insulation to provide continuous thermal insulation over the entire wall area. Once Greenboard™ is rendered the system provides a lightweight weather resistant seam free rendered finish with great Energy Efficiency Ratings.